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1er cours offert !

Premium WEBCAM classes *** Are you ready to speak French (better) from my first class? Then follow my "one-on-one" classes oriented communication, life & work in Luxembourg!

Super professeur

Katia fait partie des meilleurs professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, organisation rapide du premier cours, ses élèves l’adorent !

A propos du cours

Hello, thank for checking my page!

I'm a language learner (and lover), as well as a pationate language teacher. I give WEBCAM individual French classes to children and adults.

I'm certified by Alliance Française and offer structured, target oriented classes. We will focus on all aspects of the language so to make you understand and communicate in French. Main aspects are:

- reading and listening comprehension
- writing in French, grammar exercices
- sentences building
- pronunciation exercices
- reading and discussion of books, acticles, texts so to teach you to express your opinion and sistematically learn new vocabulary
- we will follow a learning book and additionnal books according to your goals (vocalulary, grammar etc books and materials)
- regular video, audio, texts review & discussion

I assign regular homework and ask my students to work on French regularly so to maximize your result.

You can contact me if you need to learn and finetune your French. I also prepare my students to DALF exam preparation.


* 1500 French classes taught in 2021 per webcam.
* last result of my student on B1 DELF exam = 85 points

French class for levels A0 - C2 * Specialist children *


Kids classes can be of 30 min, 45 min, 60 min.

The methodology is based on the latest teaching materials, adapted to each age and character of the child.

For the little ones, we use special textbooks, music and poetry. Focusing on fun learning to instill passion and motivation for French. Lessons are aimed at communication so that the child learns to pronounce French words, learn basic vocabulary and learn to speak simple phrases.

For older children, the method is based on the child's goals. We can learn to speak, understand and write correctly in French according to my method, or follow your school curriculum.


During my lessons we work on:

- your pronunciation
- grammar (speaking and written)
- reading and hearing
- the conversation

During my classes I suggest to follow a main learning book so to have a guideline. In addition, I add more varied materials. The choice of manual is made according to the objectives of each student. I work mainly with the books of the house Cle international.

I give homework for each class. For example: writing exercises / reading and preparing a summary of a book etc.

The lesson takes place in English and French. I also speak Spanish, German, Russian.


  • Français
  • Lecture
  • Grammaire
  • +2

    Expression orale

    Linguistique générale


  • Français
  • Anglais
  • Portugais
  • +4






  • Tout niveaux

A propos de Katia

I live in Luxembourg and adore this country. However France remains THE country of my heart. I'm happy to be able to share this interesting culture and civilisation with my students.

I regularly practice Yoga, a little bit of Zumba (when I'm not too lazy haha!), and I'm a big traveller.

One of the reasons for me to love my French teacher's job ist that it is an every day opportunity to know people from different cultures and backrounds. Please, tell me more about you!



  • 5 h: 175€
  • 10 h: 350€


  • 35€/h

cours offerts

  • 1h


En savoir plus sur Katia

  • 01

    Depuis quand développez­-vous un intérêt pour votre discipline et pour les cours particuliers ?

    Before being a language teacher, I was a language learner!

    I started to learn my first foreign language when I was 6 y.o. and I never abandoned. I think that learning any language is a great opportunity to discover other ways of thinking and other cultures. Now I learn German and teach French and Russian. Learning and teaching foreign languages is all my life!!

  • 02

    Dites nous-en davantage sur la matière enseignée, sur les thèmes que vous appréciez aborder avec les élèves (et éventuellement ceux qui vous plaisent un peu moins) !

    I can treat any subject with my students, (absolutely no taboo! ) when the discussion remains respectful to each other.

    I personally find that topics around travel, food, movies, children, animals are inspiring for a lot of people, therefore are very useful to introduce in class. But of course, we also talk about history, politics, books and so on.

  • 03

    Parlez-nous de vos modèles, que ce soit un professeur qui vous a marqué ou encore une œuvre qui vous a inspiré !

    My daughter is my greatest teacher. She shows me every day how inspiring it is to be curious about everything and everyone. Raising a child also helps to become patient, benevolent and humble.

  • 04

    Quelles sont, selon vous, les qualités requises pour être un bon expert dans votre domaine ?

    Of course, it is very important to be professional and to have a level of the language that allows the teacher to transmit her knowledge to the student. It is also important to be passionate about the language and the culture that you are making others discover.

    Besides that, teaching is all about being open-minded and patient. We need to be able to listen and to understand other person's needs. We need to understand WHAT student does not understand and WHY, so to be able to find the right way to explain and to motivate him/her.

    Creativity of the teacher can also be a key, so as to offer new approaches in teaching and to adjust to different personalities, instead of copying the same frame for every person.

    And finally, the sence of humor can sometimes be very helpful to make difficult topics a little easier to digest!

  • 05

    Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?

    German language was the most difficult for me to learn, however, now it is the one I use the most in my teaching experience. So, finally, I'm happy to speak it when I need to talk to my German speaking students. However, my German remains basic and I know I need to fine-tune it!

  • 06

    Vous pouvez maintenant nous rassurer et nous avouer que vous aussi, vous avez déjà connu des difficultés à l'école…

    Music classes and mathematics were my biggest struggle !

  • 07

    Aidez-nous à vous connaître un peu mieux en évoquant vos passions (que vous partagerez peut-être un jour via Superprof).

    I love travelling, cooking, a glass of a good beer, and regularly practice mindfulness meditation and yoga. I can walk hours in a forest or in a big city, I adore walking !

  • 08

    Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof (en plus d'avoir répondu à cette interview :-P) ?

    My students are grateful for my teaching efforts and the results that I help them to achieve. Please, don't hesitate to read my testimonials.

Cours particuliers de français

  • Coach certifié en neurolangage. Avec moi, vous apprendrez à aimer la langue française.



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  • Professeure de français à domicile : soutien scolaire, révisions, grammaire, littérature, orthographe, rédaction, compréhension, préparation examens, brevet et bac


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  • Préparation dynamique et efficace au bac de francais par un formateur professionnel diplomé d'un Master de linguistique et littérature à la Sorbonne.



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  • Tutrice  bilingue anglais donne cours francais langue etrangere luxembourg alentours



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  • Étudiant en 1ème latine D (Économie - Mathématiques) à l’Athénée de Luxembourg, donne des cours de français, de latin, de mathématiques et de sciences économiques (Niveau 3ème -1ère).



    5 (4 avis)
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  • Auteure et rédactrice donne des COURS DE FRANCAIS (individuels ou en groupe) à Luxembourg ou via Skype



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  • Propose cours de français pour adultes ou adolescents / Offers French courses for adults or teenagers



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  • French Teacher and Recruitment Specialist with 10 years of experience - English and Spanish Speaker



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  • Professeur  de français donne cours  aux  débutants (Luxembourg)



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  • Professeur d’arabe diplômée avec une grande expérience, donne des cours à Paris  Je maîtrise autant l’arabe littéraire.  Ma méthode d’enseignement est interactive et efficace, avec une méthode révolut



    • 22 €/h
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  • Etudiant à l’université du Luxembourg donne des cours de la langue française



    • 20 €/h
    • 30mn offertes
  • Langue et littérature française par un enseignant certifié messin. À distance via Skype.



    • 35 €/h
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  • Étudiante francophone au lycée Vauban au Luxembourg donne des cours de français pour les élèves de primaire



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  • Cours de langues(F,D,,L) à Luxembourg-Ville  et alentours,tous niveaux pour étudiants et adultes



    • 40 €/h
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  • Aide aux devoirs - Soutien scolaire - Organisation adultes - enfants, adultes



    • 50 €/h
    • 1h offertes
  • Elève avocate au barreau de Paris donne des cours de français au Luxembourg



    • 30 €/h
    • 1h offertes
  • Etudiante en Master en Comptabilité et Audit et forte d'une grande expérience dans l'enseignement au Luxembourg, je donne des cours particuliers aux élèves en Français, Maths, Comptabilite, Physique p



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    • 1h offertes
  • I am a French Native Speaker passionate about languages and knowledge sharing



    • 30 €/h
    • 1h offertes
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