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Professeur d'Anglais, Philosophie, Histoire, Religions et la Paix (avec PhD, tres academique)

A propos du cours

Teaching Experience – Secondary Schools
2009-2010 Head of Religious Studies, Moira House, Eastbourne
2008 - 09 Religious Studies and Philosophy teacher, St Mary’s, Calne
2006-08 Head of Religious Studies, Philosophy, PSHE and Citizenship, Poole Grammar School, Poole, Dorset
2004-06 Head of Religious Education and Humanities Faculty, Sherwood Hall School, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
2003 Head of Religious Education and Philosophy, Llandrindod High School, Powys
2002-03 Head of Religious Education, Humanities Department (plus History) at Phoenix School, Telford, Shropshire
2001-02 Teacher of RE and History Builth Wells High School, Powys (1 year full time placement during PGCE)
2002 RE and History Teacher, Adams Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire
2002 6th Form History Teacher - New College, Telford, Shropshire

Teaching and Research Experience – Adult, University and Post Graduate
• Tutor on PGCE course at the University of London (Institute of Education) teaching Conflict Resolution skills (1990–1992)
• Birkbeck College (University of London) Part time Philosophy Tutor (1992-1996)
• Workers Education Association, Part time Philosophy Tutor (1993-2000)
• Institute of Education (University of London) Research Dev. Officer (1989-1991)
• Lecturer at Muslim College in Philosophy and Education (1993-95)
• School of Nonviolence, Gandhi Foundation, Coordinator (1994-1997)
• University of Oxford (Centre for Cont. Education), lecturer in Philosophy,(1997-2000)
• Part Time lecturer in Cultural & Intellectual History (2000-2003) Shrewsbury Museum
• Part Time lecturer at Montgomery Institute & Gregynog Hall, Wales, in Cultural & Intellectual History (2000-2003)
• Philosophy Tutor, Adult Education, Poole Borough, Dorset (2007-08)
• Adult Education Philosophy and Religious Studies lecturer, Scotland (2010-2016)


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A propos de Thomas


Education THE PEACE RESEARCH FORUM: convened and chaired a series of 18 research seminars for Philosophers and Historians for Peace on the following themes: 1: Philosophy of Peace, ethics, metaphysics, religious studies, theology 2: Philosophy of Education; 3: Racial Conflict: 4: War & Terrorism, causes of violence & conflict; 5: Ireland; 6: Linguistics, philosophy of language; 7: Economics, industrial relations, class conflict; 8: Political science; 9: Geopolitical conflict, cold war, nuclear arms race; 10: Philosophy of science; 11: Philosophy of history, historiography; 12: International law, legality of weapons of mass destruction, human rights, world order 13: the Middle East; 14: Healing, psychology, medicine; 15: Women's studies; 16: Ecology & the environment; 17: The arts; 18: Recapitulation, philosophy & theology of peace 1985 (18 meetings over two terms, Notting Hill, London)
University level (International Academic Conference) Participated in symposium at WORLD CONGRESS OF PHILOSOPHY, Brighton, giving talk on Further Thoughts On The Prevention Of Omnicide: Peace Through The Harmonisation Of The Many Levels Of Being Human. 1988 August 21 27:
University level (Institute of Education, University of London) Institute of Education (University of London) Research Dev. Officer, for Initiative for Peace Studies in the University of London (IPSUL) organized numerous talks and courses with invited experts and international speakers, and academic seminars 1989-1991 (20 classes and seminars taught)
University level (International Academic Conference) Invited to attend World Conference on the Philosophy of Peace, and elected International Coordinator of International Network of Philosophers for Peace met and dialogued with many leading Russian and international philosophers; Moscow 1990
University level (Institute of Education, University of London) Tutor on PGCE course at the University of London (Institute of Education) teaching Conflict Resolution skills
1990–1992 (20 classes taught)
University level (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London) "THE GULF CRISIS: THE LONG TERM ISSUES", Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London.
1991 (special one-off seminar)
University level (International Academic Conference) Helped organise The Cultural Symbiosis of Andalusia with UNESCO and IPRA, gave paper on Ibn Arabi, Ramon Lull and the Zohar 1991 (Special conference in Cordoba, Spain)
University level (Birkbeck College) PEACE & JUSTICE IN THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS: 1991 (10 weekly evening classes)
University level (International Academic Conference) Study tour of USA to visit educational conflict management programmes etc. Visited New York, Columbia University, Harvard (Cambridge), Amherst, Washington D.C, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago etc. taped numerous interviews with peace educators, conflict resolution specialists, peace and world order studies experts, interfaith leaders, religious studies experts etc. Visited Cathedrals of St John the Divine (NY) and Grace (San Francisco). Spoke at UN HQ in NY on the Role of Universities in Developing Peace and World Order Studies 1992 – March - April
W.E.A. – adult
Education LONDON AS A MICROCOSM OF WORLD RELIGIONS 1992 (10 weekly evening classes)
University level (Birkbeck College) LOVE, COMPASSION AND ALTRUISM IN THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS 1992 (10 weekly evening classes)
Education August gave talk on "THE HEART OF MIND & THE QUEST FOR PEACE & WORLD ORDER: A SEMANTIC APPROACH" at a Symposium in memoriam to Dom Sylvester Houedard (1925 1992) at Chisolme House, Scotland 1992 (one-off lecture )
Education Organised and co chaired emergency meeting on "INTER FAITH PEACEBUILDING IN THE BALKANS" in the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey for the World Conference on Religion and Peace with Calamus Foundation, speakers including: George Joffi, Rabbi Hugo Gryn, Ms. Ghada Karmi, Tamar Segal, Abdul Majid Malida, Rabbi A. Freidlander, Dr P. Webb 1992 (special one-off conference, Westminster Abbey)
University level (International Academic Seminar) Convened and co-chaired in UK Parliament seminars on "THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE: THE PHILOSOPHICAL AND EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGES OF PEACE BUILDING, CONFLICT PREVENTION AND GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE POST COLD WAR WORLD", May 27:The philosophical, spiritual & political roots of the contemporary global crisis; 3 June global political economy of war and armed conflict & the search for peace and global security; June 10: & peace building in Europe: the Balkans and the related problem of Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus etc; June 17: peace building in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales: 24 June: Conflict prevention & peace building in Africa, including South Africa, Angola, Zaire, Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Liberia, Western Sahara, Rwanda etc; July 1: Conflict prevention & peace building in the Middle East: Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan, Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Kurdistan, Egypt etc. 8 July - Conflict prevention & peace building in East Asia; 15 July - Conflict prevention & peace building in South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Punjab, Kashmir, Tibet, Bhutan ete; July 22: - Peacebuilding in Commonwealth of Independent States & former USSR: Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russian Federation etc; July 29: Peace building in the American continent: Central, South & North America; August 5: - Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding in the Wider Europe; 12 August - Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding in the wider British Commonwealth 1993 (May – September, House of Lords, special seminar series)
University level (International Academic Seminar) Spoke at WORLD CONGRESS OF PHILOSOPHY, at special symposium on the Philosophy of Peace 1993, August, Moscow
University level (International Academic Seminar) Chaired and convened conference on PEACEBUILDING, PHILOSOPHY AND SPIRITUALITY: from Prof. Jawid, the former Rector of the University of Kabul about the need to rebuild Afghanistan's cultural life; from Mrs. K. Morris, former Mayor of Germistown, about the South African peace and reconciliation process; from Prof. Frank Barnaby about the dangers of nuclear arms build ups in the Middle East; from Dr Yusuf Inaait O.B.E. about his work for interfath and interacial harmony in Scotland; from Kerry Brown about the work of the International Sacred Literature Trust, and from Dr Zaki Badawi about his work with the Muslim College as a centre for higher learning 1993, September 23, Muslim College, London
University level (Birkbeck College) MYSTICISM IN THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS 1993 (10 weekly evening classes)
W.E.A. – adult
education SPIRITUAL VALUES AND SACRED TEXTS 1993 (10 weekly evening classes)
University level (International; Academic Conference) Study tour of India, visiting Pondicherry, Auroville, Bangalore, Madras, Delhi, Agra, and speaking at Interfaith Congress in Bangalore to commemorate 100 years since he 1st World Parliament of Religions in 1893. 1993 (August, India)
University level (Muslim College) AN INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY 1993 1993 (10 classes over one term)
Adult education Lecture to Fellowship of Friends of Truth conference in Hertfordshire about Education for Peace and Nonviolence and Inter philosophical Understanding 1994
W.E.A. – adult
Adult education 1994 Convened GANDHI FOUNDATION SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE monthly workshops at Kingsley Hall, Bromley by Bow, on Community Peacebuilding, responding to racial and religious violence and the problems of urban communities: Jan 15 Meeting with peace educators, Gandhi Foundation members, Muslim leaders, Quakers, on racial conflicts and nonviolence etc. Feb 12 Second meeting with various invited academics and educators; March 15 Third meeting of School of Nonviolence; April 16 Fourth meeting of School of Nonviolence 1994 (4 monthly seminars)
April 21 - Peace, War & Nonviolence: April 28 Policies On National & Local Political Structures: May 5 Transnational Political Structures And Policy; May 12 Global Economic Policies, Unemployment And The Global Recession: May 19 Ethical Dimensions Of Justice, Law And Human Rights Policy: May 26 Social Policies And Community Peacebuilding: June 2 - Global Education And Schooling Policy:
June 9 - The Ethical Dimensions Of Global Policies On Children And The Family, Marriage, Gender, Youth; June 16 - The Ethical Dimensions Of Global Education Policy In Higher Education, Research And Science; June 23 The Ethical Aspects Of Global Health Policies; June 30 Global Environmental Policies And The Search For Sustainable Development: July 7 - Global Policies On Information, Culture, The Media And The Arts: July 14 Interfaith Relations, Humanism And The Search For A Global Ethic: 1994 April/July (12 fortnightly seminars)
University level (Muslim College) AN INTELLECTUAL AND SOCIAL HISTORY OF WESTERN CIVILISATION: 1994 (20 classes over two terms)
University level (Birkbeck College) POLITICS, ECONOMICS AND RELIGION: 1994 (10 classes over one term)
University level (Birkbeck College) KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION AND WISDOM IN THE WORLD'S RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS 1994 (10 classes over one term)
Adult Education Participated as UK. delegate to 6th WORLD ASSEMBLY OF WORLD CONFERENCE ON RELIGION AND PEACE, Vatican City and Riva Del Garda, Italy, with guest speakers including His Holiness Pope John Paul 2nd, Patriarch Bartholomew, head of the Orthodox Church, Rev. Niwano, Dr. Edy Altes, Ms. Ela Gandhi; participated in the Commission on Conflict Prevention and co convened the steering group for the formation of a Standing Commission on Inter religious Cooperation for Conflict Resolution with Dr Edy Altes, Sulak Sivaraksha, Dr H. Assefa, Cynthia Sampson, Mme. Bovy, etc. Proposed network of WCRP Commonwealth Chapters. 1994 November 3 to 10th
University level (International Academic Seminars) Organised and co-chaired House Of Lords seminars on "Ethics, Politics And Social Development: Education For Peace And Global Responsibility And The World Summit For Intelligent Policies For Social Development": 26 October Social Development, War, Militarism, Defence And Arms Control; 9 November Social Development And Education; 23 November Social Development, Spiritual And Moral Development And The Religious Dimension Of Society; 7 December Social Development And Justice; 1 January Social Development Policies & Multi-Cultural Tolerance ; 25 January Social Development And Political Economy: 8 February Social Development And Political Development;
22 February Social Development & Global Policies On Children, The Family, Marriage, Women, Men, Youth, Parenthood & Population; March 1 - Social Development And Global Environmental Policies: 1994 – October - March 1995 (House of Lords)
W.E.A. – adult
University level (Birkbeck College) GAIA THEORY AND ECO PHILOSOPHY: A STUDY OF THE INTERACTIONS OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY 1995 (10 classes over one term)
Adult Education Convened Gandhi Foundation SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION monthly workshops at Kingsley Hall, Bromley by Bow, Jan 28 The meeting discussed education for nonviolence in the context of urban social problems; participants included Dr. Morris Bradley, Professor Cedric Smith, Surur Hoda, Cecil Evans, Mike Genn, David Holloway, Chris Gilmore, Eva Tucker, Veronica Kemp, Brenda Clowes, Prof James O'Connell, David Maxwell, Nick Gale; Feb 25 The meeting heard about the National Peace Museum project from Prof. Nigel Young, Dr Carol Rank, and about the work in general; March 25 Reported back on World Social Summit; participants included Lisa Palmieri, Dr K. Kumar, Dr C. Shapley; April 23 Monthly meeting included Dr Carl Shapley, and Dr Richard Kirby; May 27 Discussion focused on a report back on a recent study tour of Israel/Palestine by Thomas Daffern and Diana Stubbs, participants including Ted Dunn, Prof. Cedric Smith etc. 1995
Youth education Delivered keynote lecture to "Young Jains" on EDUCATION FOR PEACE AND NON VIOLENCE, London 1995 March 17
Adult education Organised meetings in London to inaugurate an "Islamic and Interfaith Middle Eastern Peace Studies Programme" for educators interested in advancing serious academic study on peace, conflict resolution and violence prevention in the Middle East, particularly in relation to the role of Islam in the region
1995 May
Adult and general education Participant and keynote speaker at 3rd International Conference on Education for Nonviolence at Jain International University, Ladnun, Rajasthan, India; delivered paper entitled "40 QUESTIONS ON VIOLENCE AND ITS PREVENTION INSTEAD OF A PAPER"; authored final text of conference declaration; extensive conversations with Jain scholars, monks and nuns on mathematics and spirituality; then went on to Dharamsala and Delhi, 1995. Lectured also to conference of 500 Sikhs in Bhanisahib. 1995 – December (India, (Ladnun, Punjab, Bhanisahib, Pathankot, Dharamsala, Delhi)
Adult and general education EDUCATIONAL STUDY TOUR AND VISIT TO ISRAEL/PALESTINE, visiting numerous peace education, interfaith and academic centres, including: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Bethlehem Al Liqua Centre for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land, World Conference on Religion and Peace Israel and Palestinian chapters, Neve Shalom, Shorashim and many other sites of interest to peacemaking and education.. 1995 May 1 14
Adult and general education UNITED NATIONS WORLD SUMMIT FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – attended as delegate NGO leader, met innumerable academics, political and intellectual leaders, including Secretary General of Commonwealth March 6-12 1995, in Copenhagen
University level (Birkbeck College) WAR AND NONVIOLENCE IN THE WORLD'S RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS 1995 /1996 (Course of 10 evening classes)
Adult education Organised a series of multifaith peace meditations at Avebury chapel, Avebury, Wiltshire 1996 (6 monthly meetings)
Adult education gave talk to WORLD PEACE ORGANISATION, NEWHAM, on peacemaking between Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese Buddhists 1996 March 30 (special lecture)
Adult education Convened and Directed MULTIFAITH AND MULTICULTURAL MEDIATION SERVICE initial Training weekend at the Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, with 30 + trainees and trainers; wrote training manual and facilitated the overall weekend as senior Tutor. 1996 April 26 28 (training weekend)
Adult education Ran MULTIFAITH AND MULTICULTURAL MEDIATION SERVICE meetings to discuss cases arising and share ideas and visions, the meetings also always included an element of prayer and mediation for world peace: May 10 Hampstead follow up MMMS meeting; 30 June Woollas Hall MMMS meeting; July 30 Chithurst Manor MMMS meeting; August 3 5 Devon MMMS weekend meeting; August 28 Chithurst Manor MMMS meeting 1996 May – August (5 seminars in London, Sussex, Devon, Bredon Hill)
Adult Education Organised weekend conference on 'SPIRITUALITY AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION' at The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire September 1996
Adult Education Organised the GANDHI FOUNDATION SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE PROGRAMME: May 11 spoke at day seminar at Kingsley Hall for Gandhi Foundation in general; May 25 Kingsley Hall meeting with participation from visiting Yoga Fellowship from Wales for 24 hours peace vigil; June 29 Kingsley Hall meeting with report back on Budapest education conference 31 August seminar at Kingsley Hall on multifaith peace education with Surur Hoda; 30 November, a seminar took place at Friends Meeting House at Jordans, Buckinghamshire, which focused on the relationship between the Gandhian philosophy of nonviolence and Christian teachings; December 24th, meeting at Woollas Hall, Bredon Hill, to consider the progress with the Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service 1996 (monthly seminars)
Adult education Organised conference at Muslim College, London, on CONFLICT AND PEACE IN AFGHANISTAN, with a large group of Afghan intellectuals and students to discuss the practical steps which could be taken to bring peace to Central Asia. 1996, October 26 (one-off day conference)
W.E.A. – adult
education RELIGION, SPIRITUALITY AND THE ARTS: course on art history 1996/ 1997 (20 classes over two terms)
W.E.A. – adult
Education (Tower Hamlets) SOCIETY, ECOLOGY AND SOUL: course on ecology and spirituality 1997 (10 classes over one term)
Adult education RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE AND FREEDOM in Berlin, Germany, Invited guest speaker to a conference on (connected with the Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service work) 1997 (unique lecture)
Adult education Organizing SCHOOL OF NONVIOLENCE and IIPSGP seminars:
February 22 Bournemouth, on "Peace, Philosophy and Healing"; April 26 Seminar at the University of Kent with Dr. Anthony Copley, Dr Keith Webb, of the Centre for Conflict Analysis at Kent, and Douglas Lyne, of the European Veterans Association; 21 June Tara, Ireland, participated in a working convocation of Druids, spiritual leaders and peace activists on June 21st; July 12 at Holy Island, off the Isle of Arran, Scotland, during the Holy Island Interfaith Retreat Summer Camp, spoke about the nature of interfaith peacebuilding to the community of monks and nuns and peace workers on Holy Island.; August 30 at The Forest Garden, Shropshire, On "Ecology, Spirituality and Peacemaking" with Robert Hart - this meeting took place in a historic ecological forest garden in rural Shropshire and considered the links between peace and ecology. 1997 (monthly meetings)
Adult and general education THE COMMONWEALTH COMMON VALUES COUNCIL: University of Edinburgh, Scotland, during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) inaugurated the Commonwealth Common Values Council (C.C.V.C.) is to provide an international network for persons and organisations active in any of the 53 Commonwealth Countries, concerned with advancing better interfaith understanding, and to act as a forum for advanced ethical, philosophical and religious dialogue and educational studies. 1997 - 25th October
Adult Education CONVOCATION OF WISDOM SCHOOLS in association with Sancta Sophia Seminary, and World Network of Religious Futurists, helped convene gathering of leading representatives of Wisdom Schools (i.e. pioneering educational institutions concerned with the transmission of esoteric and spirit centered depth education) from across the world, the third of a three part series of such gatherings, one in New Delhi, one in USA, and lastly in London, at which educationalists were invited to share deliberations on developing a pedagogy of wisdom. Delivered address in the form of a series entitled "30 Questions Instead of a Paper" 1997 May 23 25 (special conference Theosophical Society Headquarters, London)
W.E.A. – adult
Adult education THE PHILOSOPHY OF PEACE FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE 9 MUSES 1998, February, one-off lecture at Findhorn, Scotland
W.E.A. – adult
education (Finchley) RELIGION AND SCIENCE: DIALOGUES AND CONTROVERSIES: course on philosophy of science 1998/1999 (10 classes over one term)
W.E.A. – adult
education (Golders Green) GLOBAL VALUES AND GLOBAL PHILOSOPHY: course on ethics and spirituality in global perspective 1998 /1999 (20 classes over two terms)
University level (International Academic Seminars) Organised and co-chaired House Of Lords seminars on POLICY, ETHICS AND VALUES: ADDRESSING THE INNER DIMENSIONS OF THE COMPLEX POLICY ISSUES FACING BRITAIN AND THE WORLD COMMUNITY April 22nd, Peace, Justice & Global Responsibility: May 19th, Health Policy & the Environment: Building the Ground of Peace; June 17th, Constitutional & Political Processes & Structures: July 8 - Education for life: October 28th - Economics, Social Policy, Poverty, Unemployment & social Inclusion; November 25th, Interfaith, Religious & Spiritual Contributions: February 1st 1999 Concluding Discussions & Annual Council Meeting of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy 1998 April - 1999 February (7 academic seminars)
Adult education Chaired the launch meeting of the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION FOR STONEHENGE at Amesbury, hearing reports from diverse parties concerning the politics of peacemaking around access to Stonehenge, plus several witnesses who were present at the "Battle of the Beanfield" in 1985 chaired a further series of 25 meetings in Wiltshire arising during 1998-2001 1998 / 2000 (20 meetings organised and chaired, plus training workshops and peace stewards trained)
Adult education Guest speaker to SANCTA SOPHIA SEMINARY, Oklahoma, USA - gave 3 days intensive teaching to a group of senior religious seminary students on the nature of esoteric Christianity and global philosophy in the light of the 9 Muses of classical Western philosophy, with students from all over the USA and the Americas 1998 - November
University level (Oxford University, Rewley House) PEACE AND JUSTICE IN THE WORLD’S PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS 1999/2000 (20 classes over two terms)
Adult education Sacred Ecology and Spiritual Education, led day-school on the greening of education 2000 – July (Theosophical Society Headquarters, London)
Adult education Ran course of lectures on CULTURAL & INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF THE MARCHES on: October 7 - Sir Philip Sydney (poet and statesman); October 14 - Lord Acton (historian); October 21 - Samuel Lee (orientalist and linguist)
October 28 - Baron Herbert of Chirbury (philosopher and Deist); November 4 - Dr. Penny Brooks (medical doctor and reviver of the Olympic Games) and Thomas Telford (civil engineer); November 11 - Orderic Vitalis (mediaeval historian) and Roger de Montgomery (founder of Shrewsbury Abbey); November 18 - Mary Webb (novelist); November 25 - Wilfred Owen (First World War poet); December 2 - Eglantine Jebb (founder of Save the Children); December 9 - Charles Darwin (natural philosopher and evolutionist) and Robert Hart (ecologist, author, philosopher and founder of The Forest Garden on Wenlock Edge); December 16 - Sir George Trevelyan (adult education teacher at Attingham Park and pioneer of spiritual education) 2000 (course of 12 weekly classes At Shrewsbury Museum)
Adult education Gave course on CULTURAL HISTORY OF WALES including: October 12 - Robert Owen 1771 - 1858 and the Welsh contribution to the history of socialism; October 19 - Owain Glyndwr 1354 - 1417 and the cultural politics of the Middle Ages; October 26 - Iolo Morgannwyg 1747 - 1826 Taliesin and Merlin: Druidry, Bardism and myth-history; November 2 - Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844 - 1889), Waldo Williams (1904-1971) Saunders Lewis (1893-1985) and the story of modern Welsh poetics and dramatic literature; November 9 - Thomas Vaughan (1621 - 1666) Henry Vaughan (1621 - 1695) Edward Lhuyd 1660-1709 and George and Edward Herbert: poets, mystics and polymaths between magic and science; November 16 - Dr. John Dee (1527 - 1608): a Welsh Magus at the court of Queen Elizabeth and the esoteric history of the Elizabethan Renaissance and King Henry V11 and the Tudor dynasty; November 23 - King Arthur and the Welsh Princes of Powys: a survey of recent theories concerning Arthurian identity; November 30 - Welsh Druidry, Paganism and Goddess-craft: Celtic spiritual traditions and deities; December 7 - Gwilym Davies 1879-1955, & the Welsh tradition of internationalism and peace; December 14 - St David, St Dubricius, Asser and the spiritual history of Welsh Christianity Autumn 2000 (weekly evening classes at Montgomery, Powys, and Gregynog Hall, University of Wales, Powys, 2000-2003)
University level (Oxford University, Rewley House) MEDICINE AND HEALING SYSTEMS IN GLOBAL PHILOSOPHICAL AND SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS: This course consisted of an overview of the history of medicine and the philosophy of healing in different religious and philosophical systems including * Babylonian and Sumerian medical teachings * Amerindian healing traditions: the medicine man, * Jewish medicine: Kabbalists and faith healers and advanced scientific theory * Anthroposophical medicine and the history of esoteric healing in the 20th century * Ancient Egyptian medical traditions * African Healing traditions * Sikh healing traditions: Guru Nanak, Kabir and the healing traditions of the Punjab * Jain medical theories: karmic pollution and purification, suffering and redemption * Buddhist medical teachings at the time of the Buddha and his contemporaries - Buddhism as a form of psychological and psycho-social medicine * Classical Greek Medicine and healing traditions - Hippocrates and the healing powers of Asclepius and the 9 Muses, the Temple of Healing on Cos, Greek philosophy in the Pythagorean and Platonic tradition as therapy etc. * Christian healing traditions; Gnosticism, Orthodoxy, Catholic and Protestant and contemporary practices * Celtic medicine and Druidic teachings on wellness through balance * Islamic medicine: Sufism and scientific medicine * Pagan and Primal religious traditions and healing * Indian Medical traditions: the Ayurveda, Hinduism, Gandhi's ideas, the Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta etc 2000/2001 (20 classes over two terms)
University level (Global Green University) Organised courses on the Greening of Medicine
2001 (2 termly Seminars in Shropshire and Birmingham for the Global Green University
Adult education lecture series on INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF WALES: February 8 - Sir William Jones and the history of Welsh-Indian connections & Indo-Celtic linguistics; February 15 - Raymond Williams and the political nature of "culture"; February 22 - Education & philosophy in Wales: Religion, Science and Culture - key issues & themes; March 1 - Welsh and Irish mythological connections: Geoffrey Keating and the
Bardic heritage; March 8 - Robert Graves and the traditions of inspired poetry in Welsh and European literature; March 15 - Dylan Thomas and Thomas Traherne; March 22 - Llewellyn and the cultural politics of the Middle Ages; March 29 - The Princes of Wales in British cultural history: from Edward to Charles; April 5 - A.R Wallace and the Welsh contribution to evolutionary theory Spring 2001 (weekly lectures over one term)
University level (University of the Punjab) 2001 - May - invited speaker at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SIKH STUDIES inaugurating a new Chair in Namdhari Sikh Studies at Guru Nanak University, Amritsar, Punjab, India 2001 – May 2000 (India, Amitsar, Bani Sahib, Punjab, Delhi),
Adult education Ran course of lectures on CULTURAL & INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF THE MARCHES: May 5 - Learned societies and the history of museums in the Marches: scientific, literary, philosophical, historical and antiquarian: the story of the major collections; May 19 - The history of poetry in the Welsh Marches: why have so many poets been inspired by the landscape on both sides of the Border ? June 2 - Musical history in the Welsh marches: folk song, classical and modern popular music; June 9 - The story of theater and dance in the marches: Mumming, Morris dancing, folk dance, Masques, pantomimes, stage performances and theater in education; June 16 - Fine art and crafts: the story of painting, porcelain and crafts in the Marches (with special reference to the collections of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery); June 30 - The history of legal and political institutions in the Marches: judges, criminals, policing, the prison service, local politics, political parties, MP’s, relations with central government, Lord Lieutenants, the Council of the Marches etc. plus the social and economic dimensions of the story; July 7 - The history of education and intellectual life in the Marches: scientific, religious and philosophical contributions to the history of ideas, including the work of the Lunar Society; July 14 - The history of love, courtship, marriage, family life, children, women and men in the Marches, including costume, adornment and changing images of beauty; July 21 - Concluding Special Symposium to celebrate National Archaeology Day on the History of Archaeological Ideas and Discoveries in the Marches SUMMER 2001 (at Shrewsbury Museum)

University level (Academic Seminar) Co-Chaired Parliamentary Seminar on PEACE AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION AFTER 9/11
2001 - November 20 (Grand Committee Room of House of Commons)
Adult Education THE EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - organised and chaired an educational conference at St Deiniols Library, Wales, on the educational responses required from the world's educational community occasioned by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 2001 (December)
Secondary Education (Mixed comprehensive school) Teacher of RE and History Builth Wells High School, Powys (1 year full time placement during PGCE) – taught GCSE Religious Studies and general classes in all aspects of religious education to years 7,8,9,10,11 2001-02
Secondary education (Grammar school, boys only till 6th form) RE and History Teacher, Adams Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire, taught A level Religious Studies and A level History and general classes on all aspects of religious education to years 7,8,9,10,11 2002
6th form college 6th Form History Teacher - New College, Telford, Shropshire - taught A level religious Studies and A level history 2002
Adult education Co-curator of Exhibition on the ARTS OF WAR AND THE ART OF PEACE at Shrewsbury Museum, based on the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, comparing the history of war and peace in 1400-1415 and 1990-2005 respectively, Autumn 2003 2003 (exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Galler)
Adult Education Organiser and Chair of Peace Research Symposium on WINNING THE PEACE ? on September 20, an educational event to accompany the exhibition The Art of War and the Arts of Peace at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. The symposium examined in greater detail contemporary issues of culture, peace, conflict and war from 1990-2005. 2003 (Symposium at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Galler)
Adult Education Speaker and co-organiser of Symposium on Goddesses and Gods of Peace, Healing and Learning: a Spring Equinox Celebration at Wenlock Edge, Shropshire 2002 - March
Adult education 2002 - invited speaker to The Alistair Hardy Society (London Group) for lecture on Spiritual Experience and Peace Studies 2002 - October
Secondary Education (Mixed comprehensive school 11-15) Head of Religious Education, Humanities Department (plus History) at Phoenix School, Telford, Shropshire – devised and taught curriculum of religious education coverin the syllabus of Telford and Shropshire SACRE. 2002-03
Adult Education 2002 - Invited lecturer at Isborne Foundation, Cheltenham on What is Christian Enlightenment ? covering a wide survey of Christian esoteric writings and theological traditions 2002
Adult Education Guest Lecture on Global Poetics and the Search for Peace: 1945-2003, given to the Wilfred Owen Society, Shrewsbury, September 2003
Adult education Guest lecturer at the Pagan Federation Annual Conference, Shrewsbury on PAGAN ENLIGHTENMENTS, an original philosophical contribution arguing that "enlightenments" are an ongoing plural, polymorphous and dynamic process 2003 - October
Secondary Education (Mixed comprehensive school 11-15) Head of Religious Education and Philosophy, Llandrindod High School, Powys
Secondary Education (Mixed comprehensive school 11-15) Head of Religious Education, Lyng Hall School, Coventry, England (2004, Spring term)

Adult Education A paper on education and peace given at the International Association of University Presidents Conference in paper entitled Remaking the Broken Mosaic of Education with the Help of the Muses 2004 – March (Manilla, Philippines, March)
Secondary Education (Mixed comprehensive school 11-15) Head of Religious Education and Humanities Faculty, Sherwood Hall School, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
University level (University of London) Lecture on Enlightenments: Towards a comparative in the world’s spiritual traditions to an international conference on Buddhism and Ecology, at SOAS (published) 2005
University level (International Academic Conference) Lecture / paper on Naming the Ghosts in the landscape: Sophiaphobia and Philiaphobia and the Fear of Wisdom 2006 - (Berlin, Germany, Annual Humiliation and Dignity Studies Association Conference)
Adult and general Education Convener and Chair of the founding meeting of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland (TRCBI) Anglesey, Wales 2006
Secondary Education (Boys only grammar school 11-15) Head of Religious Studies, Philosophy, PSHE and Citizenship, Poole Grammar School, Poole, Dorset – taught GCSE Religious studies; devised and taught curriculum covering religious studies and philosophy to Years 7,8,9; taught A level religious Studies and A level Philosophy; founded after school Philosophy Club, school mediation service, and served as head of Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSCHE) 2006 - 2008
University level (International Academic Conference) Participant in the International Peace Research Association Conference, Sopron, Hungary, elected onto the governing board of EUPRA and as co-chair of Commission for Peace Theories 2006
Adult and General education Convenor and Co-Chair of the A.R.Wallace Annual Memorial Lecture, given by Prof Peter Fenwick (commemorating the co-discoverer of the theory of natural selection) 2007
Adult education Chair of the second meeting of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission or Britain and Ireland (TRCBI) Dublin, Ireland 2007
Adult education Talk to Opening Interfaith Conference at Oxford (Town Hall) commemorating the Exhibition on Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Daisaku Ikeda 2007
Adult education Stars and Stones Conference: Druid Teachings On Peace And War, guest lecturer 2007 - November (Rougham, Suffolk)
University level (International Academic Conference) Guest lecturer at 6TH International Conference On Non-Violent Action and 1st International Nonviolence Leadership Training Camp, gave talks on Education for Peace and Economics, and the Philosophical and Ethical basis of Nonviolence. 23-25 Dec, 2007 and 26-28 Dec. 2007 (Rajasthan, , Rajasamanad, Udaipur) India)
Adult education (Poole Adult Learning) Lecturer on a course in An Introduction to Global Philosophy 2007-2008 - (10 evening lectures on different aspects of global philosophy)
University level (International Academic Conference) Invited speaker at the International Conference on Spirituality and Non-Violence, Rajasthan, India (organized by Jain community) 2008
Adult education (Poole Adult Learning) Lecturer on a course in An Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy for Poole Adult Learning 2008 – (10 lectures on different aspects of Ancient Greek philosophy)
Adult Education
(St Mary’s School, Calne) Pathways Of The Spirit : Lecture series on the Periodic Table of the World’s Religious and Philosophical traditions with talks on Scientific philosophies and spirituality, Greek and Roman philosophical teachings, Babylonian philosophies and Phoenician, Sumerian, Judaism and the Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Paganism, Druidry, Contemporary Global Philosophy etc. 2008 (12 weekly lectures)
Adult Education Stars and Thrones: Druids Kings and Queens --Towards a World Council of Monarchs for Global Wisdom and Peace April, 2008 (Rougham, Suffolk)
Adult education Convened Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East – interviewed numerous leading protagonists in Israel and Palestine to camera and conducted many discussions behind the scenes 2008 – (Israel/Palestine, August)
Secondary Education (Private Girls school 11-18, Anglican Foundation) Religious Studies and Philosophy teacher, St Mary’s, Calne; taught A level Religious Studies; GCSE Religious Studies; A level Critical Thinking; Year 7,8,9 innovative curriculum covering Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. 2008 - 09
Adult education Stars and Stones Conference: Presentation about the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East November, 2008 (Rougham, Suffolk)
University level (University of Oxford) Lecture on Hinduism and Peace Studies at the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, lecture available on (information cachée) Feb 2009
Adult education Chair of the third meeting of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission or Britain and Ireland (TRCBI) Belfast, Ireland 2009
Secondary Education (Private Girls school 11-18) Head of Religious Studies, Moira House, Eastbourne 2009-2010 – taught years 7 – 13; courses included A level Religious Studies; GCSE Religious Studies, years 7,8, and 9 devised and taught new curriculum covering Islamic, Christianity Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judiasm, sacred texts, sacred music and the arts, languages and alphabets and philosophical aspects of religious studies; founded Philosophy Club; also form tutor. 2009-2010
University Level (University of London) UNIVERSITY OF LONDON GRADUATION CEREMONY AWARDS CEREMONY – received formal PhD award from the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Geoffrey Crossick 2010, 15 March, The Barbican, London
Adult education AN ACADEMIC OVERVIEW OF TANTRA 2010 – Sussex (filmed lecture in Sussex)
Adult Education TRANSPERSONAL HISTORY : Towards a new historical methodology 2010 – 2011 (course of 15 lectures over three terms)
Adult education COMMENTARY ON THE QUR’AN: This course consisted of a detailed spoken commentary and was an in depth study of the innermost meanings of the Qur'an, told utilising the fullest possible range of contemporary scholarship resources, including Arabic and other linguistic analyses. The author utilises the overall methodology of transpersonal historiography to try and unravel the inner story behind the Qur'an's creation, trying to eavesdrop into the mind and spirit of Muhammad as he received these verses and asking: what, why, when ? 2010 - ongoing
University Level (International Conference) Invited lecturer at Conference in Israel on Spirituaity, Consciousness and Ancient Wisdom: The Contributions Of The Periodic Table Of The World’s Religious And Philosophical Traditions 2011 (April, Israel)
Adult Education Convened second meeting of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East, interviewed numerous leading protagonists on all aspects of peacemaking and spiritual and philosophical research, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Herzeliya, Neve Shalom, Ramat Gan, Zikhron Ya'akov etc. 2011 (April, study tour to Israel)
Adult education Invited lecturer at Theosophical Society, Israel on Transpersonal History and the Theosophy; Towards a Peace Map for the Middle East 2011, April
University Level (International academic meetings) Invited to India, Jaipur, Rajasthan, to receive award of Anuvrat Ahimsa Award for International peace (2011) from international committee of judges, for services to education June 2011
University Level (International academic meetings) Academic study tour to Liubliana (Slovenia) and Halle (Germany) to visit various museums and research centres, and meet with various academic colleagues for discussions and research projects connected with future publications 2011, August – Liubliana (Slovenia) and Halle (Germany)
Adult education Led Study Tour and spiritual retreat to Iona, Scotland 2011, August
Adult education POSEIDON SEMINAR – chaired meeting on all aspects of the ethics of Britain’s nuclear defence policy and the future of trident Submarines 2011 (annual seminar in Scotland)
Adult education COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT: This course consists of a detailed spoken commentary and is an ambitious and detailed work of scholarship, utilising the full range of New Testament studies available in the 21st century, using Greek, Aramaic, Latin and Hebrew linguistic interpretations where appropriate. It explores the many levels of interpretation which the New Testament requires: historical, literal, figurative, mystical, and allegorical. It draws on the concepts of transpersonal history to enable a comprehensive overview of both the details of the text, but also their wider archetypal, symbolic, psychological, spiritual and historical meanings to unfold. It draws on Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Gnostic ideas. 2011-ongoing
Adult education PEACE AND GLOBAL PHILOSOPHY (MUSES) SERIES 2011: This series of talks given in 2011 covered all the 9 areas of intellectual and spiritual activity that are underway in the Castle of the Muses, in each of the following areas, and gives an overview not only of the intellectual problems facing the planet in each field, but also what IIPSGP and others are trying to do about them. Areas covered include: Calliope (Politics and Economics), Clio (History and Education), Erato (Love, Philosophy and Psychology), Melpomene (Law, Peace Studies, War Studies), Polyhymnia (Religious Studies), Terpsichore (Musicology), Thalia (Literature), Urania (Natural Sciences). 2011
Adult education CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF DIVINE INTELLIGENCE – chaired conference on all aspects of the study of Divine intelligence 2011 (Argyll, Scotland)
Adult education Talk on TRANSPERSONAL HISTORY AND THEOSOPHY 2011 - Edinburgh Theosophical Society,
Adult education DRUID STUDIES: These talks were meant as both an overall introduction to Druid studies on the part of beginners, and also as suitable for advanced level thinkers who have been exploring Pagan and Druid philosophies for many years. 2012 - (20 talks over two terms)
Adult education Transpersonal History And Peace building In The Middle East – talk on historical methodology for Middle East peace building 2012, March 9, Edinburgh
University Level (International academic meetings) Academic study tour to Vatican and Rome (Italy) and Liubliana (Slovenia) to visit various museums and research centres, and meet with various academic colleagues for discussions and research projects connected with future publications; visited Vatican Library for research purposes and Exhibition on the Vatican Secret Archives at the Capitoline Museum 2012 – Rome (Italy), Liubliana, March
Adult education CONTEMPORARY SAINTS AND SAGES: This series of talks from 2012 gave an overview of contemporary spiritual leaders, intellectuals, philosophers, saints and sages from all known spiritual, intellectual and scientific orientations. The talks were designed to support and encourage leading global thinkers to work together on a planetary mission for peace and interfaith understanding and to end the scourge of war. 2012 (12 talks over one term)
Adult education CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF DIVINE INTELLIGENCE – chaired conference on all aspects of the study of Divine intelligence 2012 - (unique annual event)
Adult education IRANIAN-WESTERN PEACE PHILOSOPHY AND POETRY SEMINAR – chaired meeting and discussion on Iranian and Western spiritual teachings 2012 (one off unique event)
Adult education POSEIDON SEMINAR – chaired meeting on all aspects of the ethics of Britain’s nuclear defence policy and the future of trident Submarines 2012 – (unique annual event)
Adult education Tenth Mount Haemus Lecture - DRUIDRY AND TRANSPERSONAL HISTORY 2012, September 29, Salisbury
University Level (International academic meetings) Academic study tour to Salzburg (Austria) and Liubliana (Slovenia) to visit various museums and research centres, and meet with various academic colleagues for discussions and research projects connected with future publications (visit Hallein to Celtic Museum) 2012 - Salzburg, Liubliana, December
2013, Edinburgh
Adult education SPIRITUALISM IN WAR AND PEACE - Towards a Transpersonal History
2013, Sussex
Adult Education INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL STUDIES: why it is such an intellectually challenging interdisciplinary field to study 2013, Argyll
Adult Education Participant in the International Conference on Nonviolence. Jain Anuvrat conference, in Jaipur, India, and authored the Jaipur Declaration summing up the proceedings of the event 2014, January
Adult Education Speaker and participant in the International workshop on Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Oslo, Norway 2014, January
Adult Education Speaker at the Seminar on Inner Power and Peace Power, St Augustine’s Church, Edinburgh, UK 2014, February
Adult education Key note Speaker on the panel at the Seminar on Peace in Syria - the Way Forward – giving talk on “Towards a Peace Policy for Syria”, London, UK 2014, March
Adult education Chaired 35th meeting of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire May 2014
Adult education Speaker at Symposium on Process and Pilgrimage, Cordoba and Andalusia in the collective imagination of Philosophy, a symposium in Cordoba, Spain June 2014
Adult education Organised teaching weekend with American Aikido Master, Corky Quakenbush, at the Castle of the Muses June 2014
Adult education Hosted meeting of the Commonwealth Interfaith Network during the Commonwealth Games, at the Castle of the Muses July 2014
University Level (International academic meeting) Speaker in the Peace Theories Commission of the 20th International Peace Research Association conference in Istanbul, Turkey August 2014
Adult education Hosted the 1st annual meeting of the Network of Bards of the British Isles August 2014
Adult education Contributed extensive philosophical commentary on the Scottish referendum, and argued in favour of retaining the United Kingdom, having examined in depth all arguments pro and contra September 2014
University Level (International academic meeting) Speaker at the Conflict Research Society annual conference in the University of Leeds on a Proposed research agenda for peace and conflict research in the future September 2014
University Level (International academic meeting) Invited keynote speaker at Jain International Conference on Spirituality, Peace and Nonviolence, in honour of the late Acharya Tulsi, Delhi, meeting with scholars from all over the planet from different religious backgrounds, committed to peace and nonviolence (extensive tour of Delhi, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb etc.), visited Jain University of Ladnun, Participant in Conference on Jain Contributions to Science and Mathematics, Delhi. Invited lecturer at University of Rajasthan on Nonviolence and Peace Research in the UK. Then went on study tour of India visiting: Agra, Varanasi, Sarnath, Nalanda, Patna, and Calcutta. Visited important libraries and museums including Khoda Baksh Library (Patna), Asiatic Society library (Calcutta), Nalanda and Sarnath Museums, Patna Museum, Victoria Memorial Palace, Tagore House, National Library of India etc. September - October, 2014
Adult education Invited as keynote speaker to Conference in Istanbul organised by Sufi Organisation, gave lecture to 300 people in TIM Conference Centre on Peace, Philosophy and Spirituality; in depth study visit to Istanbul and Turkey, visiting Cannakale, Troy, Izmir, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Seljuk, Miletus, Prienne, Didyma. Discussions with Turkish academics on peace research priorities for Europe. October-November 2014
Adult education Gave academic talk in Brighton, at Friends centre, summing up a year’s interfaith academic networking for peace in the life of IIPSGP Jan 2015
University Level (International academic meeting Invited participant in Grand Global Peace Meet in India, in Bangalore and Hyderabad; speaking along with others from Russia, USA, India, Argentina, Philippines etc. intensive discussions and meetings with global philosophers and intellectuals on theme of peace making; reaffirmed position as international Coordinator of International Philosophers for Peace and the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide (appointed in Moscow 1990); met with Prof Glen Martin (USA) and Prof Chumakov (Russia) and authored and issued Hyderabad Declaration of International Philosophers or Peace and the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide. Study tour of museums, libraries and sacred sites in Southern India, including Theosophical Society HQ (Adyar), Krishna Temple (Bangalore), St Thomas Cathedral (Madras), Fort St George (Madras), Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad), St Mary’s Church (Madras), Gandhi Bhavan (Bangalore).Gave various lectures and talks and held intensive academic discussions on peace and philosophy with numerous Indian and international colleagues. Launched INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY as a result of the visit. See (information cachée) Jan 2015
Adult education Gave academic seminar at Castle of the Muses to local colleagues about my recent trip to India

Jan 2015
Private research visit Study tour of Southern Turkey, visited Antalya, Konya, and Cappadocia. Visited Rumi’s shrine along with ancient Christian chapels in Cappadocia, plus Caravanserai’s on the Silk road through Anatolia etc.

Jan – Feb 2015
University Level Talks in academic forum in Oxford Brookes University and Birkbeck College (London University) calling for a new discipline to be created called Comparative Diabology, to study objectively and scientifically and philosophically the ideas on the Devil (Satan, Lucifer, Iblis, Mara, Pan etc.) held by all the different religious and ideological traditions on the planet and how to make peace in war situations where one side thinks the other is literally “fighting for the Devil”. Feb 2015
Adult education

COMMENTARY ON THE BOOKS OF ENOCH: This course consists of a detailed spoken reading and commentary on the Three Books of Enoch. They present a unique overview of the Books of Enoch, which were a milestone in Jewish apocalyptic literature. Enoch 1 was probably written in the few centuries leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. The Commentary includes modern up to date scholarship from a variety of sources and goes into numerous questions in detail: who wrote the texts ? Were there several sources combined into one ? Who actually was or is Enoch ? Did Jesus Christ have a familiarity with this text and partly base his own unique self-understanding and sense of mission on it ? Why do so many phrases and ideas from the Book of Enoch find their way into the Christian New testament ? How was the Book preserved in Ethiopic and why is it in the Ethiopian Bible but not in the Catholic or Protestant Bibles ? What are the relations of the Book of Enoch to the Qabalah ? What is its relation to Gnosticism and to Gnostic writings ? How does the Book of Enoch explain the coming of evil to planet earth ? Who exactly were the fallen angels (Watchers) mentioned in the Book of Enoch ? Were they superior extra-terrestrial intelligences that could have visited planet earth in ancient times ? The Commentary presents a thorough overview of all these issues in depth and views them through the lens of the potential insights that transpersonal history can shed on more traditional historical scholarship. This Commentary is the most in-depth discussion of the Book of Enoch in the English language at present anywhere to be found. It should appeal to both advanced scholars, academics, students of the mysteries, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pagans and anyone interested in making a contribution to peace through irenic scholarship and reflection at this critical time in earth’s history. Enoch is revered in Islamic thought as Idries and mentioned as such in the Quran. He is revered in the Bible and in Jewish mystical circles, and also in Christian thought. Ironically, the archetype of the original Enoch was probably a pagan sage from ancient Sumeria. The author is Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East and hopes the commentary will shed light on new ways that creative thinkers, philosophers, theologians and esotericists from the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Pagan communities can overcome their theological differences and contribute to a general all round reconciliation of ideas as a precursor to political and diplomatic peacemaking in the region. Enoch 2 was written perhaps at the same moment as Christ lived, in Alexandria, in circles similar to that of Philo; it presents an unparalleled insight into Mystical Judaism at this critical time in world history, and stems from exactly the same thought world that infused the thinking of Jesus and his disciples. It survived in a Slavonic text but Coptic fragments have now also been found. Enoch 3 was written in Hebrew and dates from around the 3-4th centuries AD, being written around the same time that the Talmud was being composed, and was probably written by a Jewish mystic living in Sassanian Babylon. It is part of the Merkavah Mystery tradition of esoteric Judaism and can be regarded as a proto-Qabalistic text. Each of these texts of Enoch, if properly understood, has great potential to heal and reconcile the eschatological and metaphysical wars between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the Koran, Enoch is called Idris, and was mentioned as a great prophet in whose lineage Moses, Christ and Muhammad all considered themselves to be operating. The original Enoch prophesied between Adam and Noah and thus at a time when all mankind still spoke one language, according to the Biblical and Enochian texts.

2015 - ongoing
University Level Running the Castle of the Muses as a private educational study centre, hosting visitors from abroad and throughout the UK, coming from Egypt, Iran, India, Germany, Afghanistan, France, USA, South Africa, Ireland etc. organising study weekends, and private one to one tutorials for students registered as such with IIPSGP or with the Global Green University; supervising various PhD theses with students attending from afar, organising Vivas etc. September 2010- October 2016
All levels Establishing Le Musee de la Paix in Betete, La Creuse, Limousin, as a centre for education and research into the means of peace between nations, cultures and religions; delivering classes locally and via webcam, hosting conferences and colloquia, establishing a large and diverse library of educational and research materials, hosting visits from pupils and students from all over France and Europe November 2016- ongoing



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  • Qualified English teacher for individual and group courses - Luxembourg, Ettelbruck and surroundings



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  • Professeur d'anglais de langue maternelle. Plus de 20 ans d'experience donne cours d'anglais (général et business) du niveau A1 à C1 au Luxembourg, via Skype ou au sein d'entreprises.



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  • Bachelor of Arts et tutrice depuis 2013, très douée en 6 langues



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    Nikolina Rose


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